Quality Bin Rentals

GFE Environmental offers affordable and contactless waste removal solutions for customers in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, and surrounding areas. Our services include bin rentals in four standard sizes ranging from 15 to 40 yards, as well as excavating, tree removal, landscape construction, and basement waterproofing.

Renting a bin is a convenient option for getting rid of personal and construction waste during renovations, remodeling, or moving. Our bins provide a single location to dispose of junk, eliminating the need to haul it away yourself.

To make the junk removal process even easier, you can order a bin online for delivery to your home or office. Simply fill the bin at your own pace and comfort, then request a pickup either through our website or by phone when you’re finished. We’ll dispose of the waste properly and haul the full dumpster away for you.

Benefits To Using Rental Bins For Waste Disposal

  1. Environmental protection: Renting a bin from a waste disposal company ensures that your waste is transported to the proper disposal site and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.
  2. Time-saving: Many people are busy and don’t have the time to consistently take care of their waste disposal needs. Working with a bin rental company allows you to schedule the pickup and disposal of your waste at your convenience.
  3. Expertise: Using a rental bin service allows you to leave the waste disposal process to the professionals. You won’t have to worry about driving to the dump, waiting in line, or paying disposal fees. GFE Environmental offers affordable and convenient junk removal in Hamilton, Brantford, and Burlington. Simply call 365-657-4931 to discuss your needs and choose the appropriate bin size.
  4. Budget-friendly: The cost of renting a bin is predictable and affordable, making it easy to plan and budget for your waste disposal needs. The total price includes drop-off, pick-up, and disposal of approximately one ton of waste. Doing it yourself can come with unexpected costs, such as trailer rental and disposal fees, as well as the time and effort involved.
  5. Increased safety: Renting a bin reduces the risk of vermin infestation and accidents caused by improper storage or disposal of waste. It also helps to reduce the risk of attracting pests through hazardous waste that can make people sick.
  6. Improved recycling: Waste disposal companies can facilitate more recycling by providing different bins for different types of waste. Households, businesses, and industries can simply dispose of their waste in the appropriate bin to reduce the amount of recyclable material going to landfills. This is particularly important when dealing with electronic waste, which can have significant environmental impacts.

If you need a dumpster rental bin, be sure to accurately disclose the type of junk you want to dispose of. In most cases, flammable or hazardous materials are not allowed, and pricing may vary for loads that contain mixed materials such as gravel or fill with other materials.